VALUE 大切な価値観




1. Gospel-centered 福音中心であること
Everything starts with the Gospel. We love, teach, and share it with each other, and proclaim the Gospel to the world. The Gospel is God’s means of reconciling the world through Jesus.

2. Family 家族
The Gospel brings us together to become a family. In Christ we are devoted to one another, and to God’s Word, prayer, worship, and service

3. Making Disciples キリストにあって成長する
We desire to grow as disciples of Christ, and to make disciples, multiplying our lives and multiplying churches who lift up the name of Jesus for the glory of God.

4. Kingdom 神の国を築く
We desire to experience the Kingdom of God within our community, and for it to advance out of our community into all the nations. We’re committed to sending out faithful Gospel witnesses and serving the community around us.